Córla CFO Services was set up by Barra Ó hÍr (Barry Hare) in 2020 with the aim of working with Startups and SMEs in the areas of profitability, cashflow, growth and increasing company valuation.

Barry has extensive Irish and international experience as well as local and international business qualifications – FCCA, CPA, CMA and DipIFR.

We have found that business owners get very focused on the day-to-day running of the business, so much so that they may even neglect the longer term, bigger-picture stuff which is ultimately what will decide their success.

We work to bring clarity and direction in these areas, in partnership with the business owner, while also allowing them to wear fewer hats, have fewer worries and to better focus on the business.

Our Focus

Our focus is on the internal, business-performance side of a client’s business, especially profitability and cashflow with the end goal of increasing company valuation.

We work with ambitious business owners, in for-profit companies with turnovers up to €20 million and who do not already have a Chief Financial Officer. If you are not sure, we can still have a quick free call and see if and how we can help.

The name – Córla

The name Córla comes as a play on the Irish language word, “Comhairle”:

comhairle, f. (gs. ~, pl. -lí).1. Advice, counsel; direction, influence. ~ a thabhairt, a ghlacadh, to  give, to take, advice. ~ a dhéanamh, to take counsel; to come to a decision. Dul i g~ le duine, to take counsel with s.o. Bhí siad i g~ le chéile, they were  in consultation with each other. Chuir siad a gcomhairlí i gceann a chéile,  they consulted, put their heads, together. Rud a chur i g~ duine, to ask s.o.’sadvice about sth.