Córla provides CFO services to ambitious leaders of SMEs, with the aim of ensuring that a healthy business is exactly what you have.

We help real people keep their fingers on the pulse of their businesses, while bringing structure, clarity and direction over the long term.

Even if things are going well, reach out below and we can have a free, informal call about where you are, where you want to be and how we can make life a little bit easier.

We work with clients on a recurring basis, usually monthly. We embed ourselves in your business, either in person or virtually. We are another senior person at the table, advising you, holding you accountable, keeping you focused and we provide honest and unbiased feedback where you may not have received it before.

We will sometimes tell you no.

We believe in a flexible approach and we do not lock clients into long term contracts.

Our model allows us to work with only a handful of clients at any one time. This enables us to watch over your business, in a way that a traditional accounting firm will not be able to do, due to their large numbers of clients and focus on year end/regulation rather than ongoing value-added performance analysis. We are readily contactable and responsive.